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Hole 1

"Keep left; opens up the green"

Bob Charles’ advice for playing the 1st hole

The first hole is a short par five that doglegs slightly to the right. The left is bordered by out-of-bounds and trees. Towards the end of the hole the fairway slopes up to a slightly elevated and sloping green. The big hitter can get home in two, but to do so the drive should be long and left-of-centre. Be careful not to be left or right of the narrow green, as this leaves a tricky chip or pitch. And be very careful if the pin is at the front of the green, as the slope is quite marked here and if you are above the hole putting off the green is not unheard of!

HOLE 1ParStrokeLength
Men   Blue514418m
  White 514410m
Women  White 55410m