Course Tour : Hole 15


"Aim at gum — hazard on right"

Bob Charles’ advice for playing the 15th hole

For such a short par four, this hole really punches above its weight, and it is the first stroke hole for the men, and the second for the women, for very good reason. It is more uphill than you realise, and it plays into the prevailing wind, which often means taking more club than you think you’ll need for your approach. You’d have to be a long way right to get into the hazard alluded to by Bob Charles, but even if you’re only a little right, the giant pine you’ll find between yourself and the green devours golf balls. And if you manage to get past that, the small, narrow and sloping green is difficult to negotiate, especially if you find yourself having to chip in from the left (which many, many golfers do after avoiding the pine). Pin positions towards the back offer the most level lies; beware the front pin positions!

Men's   Blue43340m
Ladies  White42318m