Course Tour : Hole 7


"Keep it left again and it's easy"

Bob Charles’ advice for playing the 7th hole

Bob Charles’ advice is a little bit out of date, at least as it pertains to us mere golfing mortals. His advice comes from the days when the seventh was a par five, and a reasonably straight-forward three-shotter; these days the hole is anything but easy. For men, the seventh is the longest par four on the course, and although it is downhill most of the way, the small green sees far more bogeys (and worse) than pars. The length makes this a demanding par five for the women. On the tee shot aim a little left of centre, as the sloping fairway tends to be more helpful to balls played there than to the right. Be careful of hitting the ball too far when playing into the green, as out-of-bounds awaits around the clubhouse.

Men's   Blue42412m
Ladies  White57406m