Hornabrook Cup


This is a Four Ball Best Ball ‘PAR’ Round competition played to handicap.

The Competition is played on a Saturday Club Competition Day and players may either nominate their partner or a partner will be found for them.


  1. A Par competition is a Stroke Competition where the player tries to score better than PAR on each hole. PAR in this context is the PAR for that hole AFTER adjustment for handicap.
  2. In a PAR round, the player’s NET score at a hole is compared with PAR for the course. Scoring better than PAR scores the player a WIN; scoring the same NET score as PAR is a SQUARE and any NET score amounting to a One over Par (Bogey) or worse is recorded as a LOSS.
  3. Each Pair of players establishes the best result from their two scores and records that WIN; SQUARE or LOSS as their Best Ball Score.
  4. At the end of the round, the Total number of LOSSES by each Team is deducted from the Total number of WINS by that Team and a final result is recorded as PLUS or MINUS the difference.
  5. The TEAM with the most PLUS WINS at the end of the competition is the winner.
  6. During the play of any hole, when a TEAM player can not record a score of PAR or better, that player should “pick up” his ball to quicken the pace of play. His Team Mate can continue to play and record a WIN or a SQUARE against their teams score for that hole. However, as this is a Stroke Competition, a PAR round may be played in conjunction with any other 4BBB STROKE Play competition on that same round so players may be required to play out each hole.
  7. In the event that two team’s scores are tied, the winner will be established by a Count Back of the tied scores; whereby the Team with the highest Number of wins over the last, 9, 6, 3 or 1 hole(s) is declared the winner.


8 August 2020


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