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Match Reports 9 April

Division 2 @ Home vs Royal Wellington W 8-7
After losing 9-6 to Royal Wellington less than two weeks ago, Division 2 got to play the same team on their home track coming away with a 8-7 victory to leave them sitting in 4th place.

Team captain Rob Blackett and Simon Dew had the biggest wins of the day both comfortably winning 6/5. Simon Buckley (5/3), Geoff Masters (3/2) and Conrad Shanley (2up). With the Otaki Cup team not having a game over the weekend, manager Nathan Frew got another chance to play and made the most of it winning 3/2. Four-ball wins went to Dew and Frew and Gavin Harris and Rob Blackett.

As with all interclub teams they now get a much deserved break over Easter and resume their season on the 7th of May at Boulcotts Farm

Division 7 @ Home vs Kapiti W 10-5
Another home and another comprehensive win, this time against Kapiti 10-5.

Luke Lange (8/7) continues to impress in his rookie season, as does Oliver Vincent (4/3). The two of them are forming a formidable duo in the middle order. Paul Fouhy (4/2) and Dave Inglis (2up) added to their win tally for the season as did Mike Falloon (5/4) and Adrian Morris (4/3). Four-ball wins went to Inglis/Morris, Falloon/Carl Backhouse, Lange/Jeff Ogg and Vincent/Christensen.

The victory moved them into second place on the ladder. Their next game is on the 30th of April versus Shandon at home

Division 10 @ Trentham W 10-5
After a string of home games Division 10 hit the road on Saturday to take on Trentham. After only getting 9.5 points against the hosts a few games ago at home the sense that was going to be a tough away trip which makes the 10- 5 victory all the more impressive and speaks for improvement of the players.

Matt Sale (6/5) got the boys underway with another solid performance which was followed by wins to debutant Andy Dodd (3/2) and playing partner Brian James (6/5). Sean Rudman (3/1) and Reece Hannam (3/2) picked up another two points. John Ryan (7/6) left the best for last playing at number with the biggest win of the day. Four-ball victories went to Jock Cameron/ Sale, Dodd/James, Jesse Lange/Hannam and Cliff Cleary/Ryan.

The win leaves them 24 points clear at the top of the table with two games remaining, the first being on the 7th of May at Te Marua.

Match Reports from 2nd April

Gibson Sheat Premier Men’s Team vs Judgeford at Shandon (Saturday, April 2)

The golf might be played on a Saturday but I think we have to acknowledge the work of team selectors in the days leading up to game day. With three regular players originally unavailable for this fixture, our depth was going to be tested and a tough job was presented to our selectors to put out the most competitive team possible. We are coming towards the pointy end of the season and are in a tight race to make the top 4 playoffs.

Player unavailability does, however, offer opportunity for others. It was great to see an experienced player like Simon Dew come back into the team for the first time this season and debutant Jason Lange was another exciting addition. Hitting the first tee shot of the day to get the fixture started, Lange striped one down the middle to set the tone of the day for him and settle any nerves he may have had.

A late withdrawal from one of our opponents had Judgeford scrambling to front with ten players. While at first I thought they had just grabbed someone off the street, it turns out one of their younger members who had turned up to caddy for a mate was thrust into the opening foursome’s pairing. He is relatively new to golf and while he would probably make selection in our Division 10 team (despite it being a very full squad), he was clearly a bit out of his depth at this level. He produced a respectful performance throughout the day, given the circumstances, but ultimately our lead-out pairing of Lange and Dew were rarely challenged. A 7/6 win got us off to a good start. Our next three pairings were in tight tussles throughout the morning. Jamie Frew and Troy Shaw combined well for the second week in a row but lost the last hole to lose 1 down. Joel Macklin and Phil Tuoro also played some good golf but also lost the last whole to finish all square in their match. We finally secured our second full point of the morning when Owen Lloyd and Toby Tuoro closed out their tight match to win 2/1. Unfortunately that was our lot for the morning as our top pairing of Sam Forrester and Jeff Tuoro went down early in their match and were unable to reproduce their great form from previous weeks to get themselves back into it. A 4/3 loss left us tied at the break with 2.5 points each. A solid afternoon was needed.

As the sun came out, the jerseys and jackets came off to reveal another debutant. The new club shirts! Much whiter than our previous shirt (at least until the van ride home), the team was easily identifiable out on the course. A great new addition. Well done “shirt committee”!

Simon Dew spent most of the afternoon in chase mode as he was just behind in a tight match at most check-in points. Jason Lange was the opposite, mostly just ahead. When Dew’s match finished (4/3 loss) his focus went into supporting Lange home in a very tight match against Joe Cuthers. Lange’s sound decision to hit an iron off the last tee (a reachable par 4) put him in a strong position to close the match out with a 2up win. A great debut for Lange who secured both possible points for the day. Now he just had to survive his van ride initiation!

Toby Tuoro had very little trouble closing out the “late ring-in” with a solid 7/6 win and Jamie Frew made 5 birdies to put his opponent under pressure through the middle stretch of the round. He also finished his match early with a 6/4 win over Corey Clark.

At number 3 and 4 in the line-up, Joel Macklin and Jeff Tuoro rode each others’ momentum to build good leads and close out their matches 4/3 and 5/4 respectively. Another big effort from Jeff to travel so far to contribute to the team performance. Much appreciated by the entire team.

While the momentum was with Joel and Jeff, it was against our top pair of Owen Lloyd and Sam Forrester this week. Against quality opponents, neither Owen or Sam were able to produce their best. With Owen losing 8/7 to Adam Church and Sam losing 4/3 to Perry Hayman, our final hope for points lay with our “middle order” of Phil Tuoro and Troy Shaw. With both players desperate for a win, they produced some great drama to finish out the day. Tuoro went from being 2 up to all square with three holes to play, while Shaw fought back from being 3 down to be all square with three holes to play. With all other matches finished at this point, the scene was set. While we had already secured 7.5 points at this stage, there was a feeling that we needed both of our lads to bring home a point to consider our day a success. With both squads watching, Phil Tuoro rolled in an impressive birdie on our 16th hole to go 1 up, but gave it back with a bogey on the next hole to be all square going down the last (Shandon’s 4th hole). Troy Shaw traded halves with his opponent to also go down the last all square.

Neither of the four players were in ideal spots off the tee so it was going to be a test of scrambling and nerves to determine the outcome of the matches. One thing I have learned about this team since my involvement, is that you can count on every single player to stay in the fight right to the end. And fight they did. Both Tuoro and Shaw were able to win the last and secure an extra two crucial points for the team. We have now scraped into the top 4, just a solitary point ahead of Royal Wellington. A very important match now looms against BFHGC at RWGC next Sunday.

As the sun shone, the beers flowed and it all tasted even better when we got the news of dominant victories from our Division 7 and 10 teams. Great stuff!

The “state of play” as I left the final drop-off would suggest that most of the lads will be making the most of the extra hour offered by the end of daylight savings on Sunday morning!

Another great day spent with this team and another big thanks to Tony Rowntree for his continued support throughout the day.

Nathan Frew (Manager)


Division 2 vs Kapiti at Kapiti



Division 7 vs Judegeford at Masterton

Another big turnaround for Division 7 at home on Saturday as they faced a Judgeford team they lost 12-3 to 3 weeks ago. As they did last weekend against Te Marua they reversed the scoreline by winning 13-2

Carl Christensen and Nuki Gordan got the day underway with Carl prevailing 3/1 while Nuki didn’t fare as well coming up against former Wairarapa golfer Lance Duckett who is still a very handy golfer.

The two youngsters in the team continued their strong form with Oliver Vincent, in his second game, winning 6/5 and Luke Lange not far behind with a 5/4 victory. Valuable experience for both of them. George Deans (7/6), who has played a few games for Division 2 this year proved to be a valuable asset in the middle order coming away with the biggest win of the day. Carl Backhouse (3/2) and the dependable duo of Mike Falloon (5/4) and David Cook (3/1) were next to join the winners circle. Dave Inglis (5/4) had another strong win playing at number 2 and with Adrian Morris gained another Four Ball point win. Other four ball winners on the day were Cook/Falloon, Deans/Oliver and Lange/Backhouse

The team plays at home again this Saturday against Kapiti, a team who sit below them on the ladder. They will be looking to carry on their momentum after two great wins.


Division 10 vs Te Marua at Masterton

A much anticipated top-of-the-table clash proved to be a one-sided affair as Division 10 blew Te Marua off the park winning 14-1.

There were joint biggest winners on the day with Mark Childs, Cliff Clearly and John Ryan all winning 8/6. A rare feat. Childs went out on a high note in his last game of the season as he now turns his attention to coaching the Greytown Rugby side. Ryan racked up his 6th win of the season and is accumulating Forrester Cup points through his interclub exploits alone and Clearly continued his impressive play. Not far behind the trio were the lead off pairing of Brian James (5/4) and Reece Hannam (6/4), Mitch Ellicock, and Quentin Hendserson (6/4). The remaining two wins were recorded by selector Pete Forrester (2/1) and Gordan Reisima (2up), the former remaining undefeated for the season. Unfortunately, there had to be one to miss out and this time it was Jesse Lange but alongside Henderson he contributed to the tally with a four ball point.

A fantastic effort that left the team rightfully in high spirits in the clubhouse afterwards.

With three games left in the season, the team is in a strong position to win the division. With two games on the road starting this Saturday at Trentham the last game of the season vs Titahi Bay at home will be pivotal.


On what was initially shaping up to be a very wet day last Sunday, our Men’s Team played in the 1st round of the 2022 Marquis Shield Competition at Eketahuna.   Thankfully Eketahuna put on a relatively dry day and a full round was concluded.

We were up against Mahunga, and it was a close battle.  Our Senior team struggled with only 2 halved matches to Sean Rudman and Nuki Gordon and in our Juniors Jamie Brunton and Steve Hemingway had wins.  So, it was with the Intermediate four that we got our nose in front with single wins to Benny Marriott, Ray Verhaart and Matt Sale with Tony Rowntree providing an unbeaten division when he carded a Half.

Thankfully, we fared much better in the fourballs with wins to Luke Lange with Nuki Gordon in the Senior Division, 2 wins in the Intermediate Division and Jamie Brunton and Harry Quinn combining for a win in the Juniors.  So, a 10.5 – 7.5 win against Mahunga was recorded but it was a lot closer than that score reveals.

‘Off the stick’ matches were won by Jamie Brunton and Steve Hemingway in the Juniors and in the Intermediates Tony Rowntree squared his match whilst the other 3 all had wins.  However, in our Seniors it was a 4-nil whitewash to have Mahunga edge us 6.5 – 5.5 in the ‘scratch’ matches.

We now have a break until 1 May at Carterton where in Rd 2 we are up against the Hosts.

Harry Quinn


Gibson Sheat Premier Men’s Team vs Shandon 

After a COVID-related postponement two weeks ago, it was great to see our Premier team back in action at PBGC. Needing a good performance against a strong Shandon outfit to keep play-off hopes alive, the team built a strong foundation in the morning foursomes. The lead pairing of Joel Macklin and Rob Blackett were in control of their match throughout most of the round (Rob holing out from 99m for a two on the par 4 10th certainly helped) but a final hole birdie at the last from their opponents resulted in a halved match. Jamie Frew and Troy Shaw combined well to secure our first full point of the day with a 3/2 win. Some pre tee distractions had Phil and Toby Tuoro on the back foot from the start, and while they put up a good fight to stay in their match, they were unable to get the job done. Sam Forrester and Jeff Tuoro are proving themselves to be a dominant foursomes pairing and they did not disappoint this week. They were six up through nine holes and did not give their opponents a hint of a sniff to come back. An impressive 7/6 win against quality opposition will certainly give future opponents something to think about! With 2.5 points secured, the final match was crucial and it was a tight one. All square playing the last, Owen Lloyd and Dean Gray held their nerve to win the hole and secure our third full point of the morning to take a 3.5 / 1.5 lead into the afternoon singles. Owen Lloyd’s 2 iron approach into a strong southerly on the last was impressive to see!

Ironically, as the wind on the course strengthened throughout the afternoon, the wind came out of our sails somewhat. Up in just three matches through nine holes, the team were going to have to dig deep coming home. Joel Macklin dominated his opponent and finished early to secure our first point of the afternoon with a 6/5 win playing at number 4 in the line up. Rob Blackett fought hard down the stretch but fell short at the final hurdle losing 2 down. Losses to Jamie Frew (3/2), Toby Tuoro (4/2) and Phil Tuoro (2/1) meant those at the top of the order were going to have to do the point scoring for us. Troy Shaw secured a half and Jeff Tuoro closed out a tight match, winning 2/1 to cap off a successful day for him (apart from one incident out of his control that you can read about later). Struggling with a knee injury, Dean Gray came up short against an opponent playing some great golf in the tough conditions (4/3 loss). A huge thanks to Tony Rowntree (#1 team supporter) for helping Dean out by pushing his bag around the course for the afternoon session to alleviate some of the pain Dean was dealing with. Playing at number 1, Owen Lloyd did not do much wrong but suffered a loss to an opponent producing some high quality golf. It is not often you see a hole halved in eagles, but that is indicative of the quality of golf being played at the top of the order. Sam Forrester was the final match remaining. In a tight fight against former NZ Open winner, Matt Lane, big hitting Sam had to fight against all his instincts to hit a solid 5 iron into the 126m par 3, 14th. A club he usually hits in excess of 200m! That is how strong the wind was. Sam displayed great focus in the trying conditions and was clutch down the stretch to go 1 up with a birdie on the difficult 16th and close out the match on the 17th with a 2/1 victory. Final team score was an 8/7 loss.

As team manager, I often get the privilege of seeing some of the more humorous incidents over the course of the 36 hole day. The day out at PBGC did not disappoint. Watching the singles matches come through the ninth, I witnessed the Shandon number 9 miss judge the wind and fly his approach into the car park, causing a significantly cracked windscreen. Unfortunately, the vehicle involved happened to be that of our very own Jeff Tuoro (so not very humorous you might say). But wait, there’s more. As I was checking out the damage, the next group were hitting their approaches in. Shandon number 7 made the same mistake and flew his ball straight through the back window of a Lexus just meters away from me. The window was completely smashed and the ball was sitting on a tight lie in the boot! I hope the Shandon boys have good insurance!

Nathan Frew (Manager)


Div 2 @ Royal Wellington

This week we played our Round 2 catch-up match on the main course at Royal Wellington.  The promised strong cold southerlies failed to arrive and so we enjoyed great golfing conditions.  The regular 10 & 9 pairing of Andy Pottinger and Conrad Shanly (Board Chair and Deputy Chair) were given a Royal golfing lesson by their opponents.  Geoff Masters secured a come from behind (3 down) half, while Kevin Mackay (a late substitute) played at number 8 and enjoyed the company.  The combination of Jason Paku (half) and Pete Jackson (1 up) provided 2.5 points for the team with a good fourball win (3&2).  Nathan Frew took his opponent to the 18th hole but was out-played on the last (1 down).  After being 3 up through 9 holes, Rob Blackett could only watch his opposition secure 4 birdies on the back nine to lose after 17 holes (2&1).  A dominant performance by the top pairing of Brent Mackenzie (3&2) and Jason Lange (4&3) secured all 3 points.  The resulting 9-6 loss was a credible performance on a tough course.  We will host Royal Wellington at Masterton on Saturday 9th April in what is looming as a crucial game – Royal are 1 point ahead of us in 3rd place overall.

Rob Blackett (Team Captain)

A special mention to Rob who fronted up for the Premier Team, in extremely testing conditions, on Saturday and backed up on Sunday for Division 2


Div 7 @ Home vs Te Marua

Home course advantage is a huge factor in the 18 hole grade which was highlighted on Saturday. After only getting a solidarity point at Te Marua last Saturday the team returned the favour against the same team winning 13.5 – 1.5 at home and giving the competition leaders something to think about as they drove back over the hill. The dependable lead-off pairing of Paul Fouhy (3/2) and Carl Chirstensen (3/2) continue to rack up the points at home showing their experience. Nuki Gordan (3/1) again proved his value to the team with his playing ability but also being a great playing partner for the newer members to the team, in this case it was Ollie Vincent (4/3) who partnered Nuki. In his first Interclub game Ollie played extremely, just reward for the hard work he has been putting into his game, the first of many wins no doubt. Carl Backhouse (2up) and Luke Lange (7/6) are turning into a strong pairing. As with Ollie, Lukes’s big win was a testament to his improving game and hard work. The experienced combo of David Cook (2/1) and Phil Rutune (2up) kept the points flowing. Leaving the top pairing of Adrian Morris (3/2 loss) and Dave Inglis(2/1) to wrap up a much-needed team win. Another home game against Judgeford this Saturday beckons, hopefully the home/away pattern repeats.


Div 10 @ Home vs Trentham

Usually when you get 9.5 points it is viewed as a successful day out but after recent dominant home victories the standards were high for Division 10 and a feeling of slight disappointment was felt in the 19th. Team Manager Brian Grant (A/S) led the lads out, with the help of strong southerly, by securing half a point. Matt Sale (3/2) proved he can produce results anywhere in the playing order and alongside Cliff Cleary (3/1) the pair gained 3 points. Jesse Lange (4/2) and John Ryan (2up) also obtained 3 points in the middle order with Ryan winning his 5th singles game of the season. Sean Rudman and Reece Hannam were in a tight tussle all day highlighted by their end results with the fourball and Hannams singles match being halved and Rudman losing 1 down. Number 1, Gordan Reisima (3/2) kept his unbeaten record intact to notch up the teams 9th point and with the help of Mitch Ellicook, who tasted defeat for the first time, the pair secured half a point in their fourball to wrap up the day’s play.

The team now turn their attention to a top of the table clash this Saturday at home versus Te Marua.


Manor Park – The course was a pleasure to play with true greens in great condition though still a couple of tricky water hazards to test us.
Di, Sally, Val, and Kate. Wins for Val and Sally, and a half for Di giving the team a 2 1/2 – 1 1/2. Win.

Team standings after today
PBGC 1                  14.0
Masterton.           12
Karori.                    11.5
Otaki/ Royal.       11.5
Kapiti Blue.          10.5
Shandon.              10.5
PBGC 2                  10.0
Miramar.                10.0
Kapiti White.        9.5
Waikanae.             9.0
Martinborough.  6.0
Manor Park.         5.5

Looking forward to the next fixture at Karori on Thursday 31st March where we play Kapiti White.


Div 2 vs Otaki @ Home W 9.5 -5.5 

With the premier team having a weekend off, Division 2 were the top billing and they didn’t disappoint by beating a strong Otaki outfit, getting their revenge from earlier in the season. The lead pairing of Andy Pottinger (4/3) and Conrad Shanley (6/5) continued their strong form and set a platform for the rest of the day. The next few matches were a lot closer with Geoff Masters drawing his match but gaining a fourball point alongside David Cook . Jason Paku suffered his first loss of the season on the last hole but also secured a fourball point with Simon Buckley, who as usual played some very steady golf to win 2/1. Nathan Frew (4/2) enjoyed a strong finish to put another singles point on the board and gained another fourball point with Gavin Harris. Number 1, Simon Dew (2/1) capped off a successful day . Although Jamie Frew did not feature in the winners column he played some great golf and was 3 under the card when his match ended against David James, an ex Wellington rep golfer.

With two good wins in a row the team has snuck into third place on the ladder and will turn their attention to Royal Wellington this Sunday

Div 7 @ Te Marua  L 14-1

Another tough away trip for Division 7 against a really strong Te Marua side. Nuki Gordan and Carl Christensen both halved their singles match for the only points of the day. The overall scoreline may not be a great reflection as there were a lot of close games which fell the hosts teams way down the stretch

After two tough road games the team will be looking forward to playing at home this weekend against the same team.  As division 2 showed against Otaki the tables can easily be reversed with home course advantage

Div 10 vs Shandon @ Home W 14.5 – 0.5

It was tempting to copy and paste last week’s report as Saturday’s match played out very similar to a week ago with another authoritative win by division 10 against a Shandon side they had already beaten away from home this season.  All fourball matches were won by the hosts. Singles victories went to Brian James (7/6), Sean Rudman (7/6), Reece Hannam (7/5),Gordan Reisima (7/5), Jesse Lange(4/3), Brian Grant (4/2), Matt Sale (4/3) and John Ryan (3/1). A few of many of the day’s highlights  was Matt Sale stepping up at very late notice after the late scratching of Mark Childs and notching up a win playing at number 1. His win was bookened by manager Brian Grant who got to have a run and made the most of it enjoying an easy win

Despite two dominant wins the team still sits in 2nd place behind Titahi Bay. Another home game this Saturday against Trentham presents another chance to narrow the gap


Gibson Sheat Div 1 vs BFHGC @ Royal Wellington

Postponed due to covid cases amongst competing team

Div 2 vs BFHGC @ Home W 10.5 -4.5 

Division 2 continued their roller coaster start to the season with a strong win over a visiting Boulcott team. Paul Fouhy (A/S) and Carl Christensen (4/2), called up from Division 7, did a fine job setting the pace. Jason Paku (6/4) continued his hot start by dispatching his opponent and being under the card in the process, his partner Simon Buckley (4/2) kept the points coming.

Division 1 manager Nathan Frew got the chance to showcase his golfing ability by winning 5/4 and with help from Geoff Masters won a four ball point too.

The top pairing of Gavin Harris (6/4) and Rob Blackett (6/4) put the icing on the cake to complete a well deserve team win

A repeat of this performance will hopefully be on the cards when they host Otaki

Div 7 @ Judgeford  L 11-4 

Judgeford is a tricky course at the best of times and with a few of the team seeing it for the first time it was always going to be an uphill (literally) battle. The team struggled with the slower paced greens, which is a testament to our green staff and what we have become accustomed to, and a team playing with local knowledge.

Adrian Morris, playing his second game for Masterton, held his nerve to win his match 1up and secured a four ball point with Dave Inglis by the same margin. Phil Rutene (3/1) was the only other player to record a singles win and alongside Luke Lange they gained the fourth point of the day in their fourball.

The team hit the road again this Saturday, playing a less undulating course in Te Marua

Div 10 vs Ohariu Valley @ Home W 14.5 – 0.5

When you can say the worst result was a close fought match resulting in a half you know it has been a good day. This was the case when Division 10 got to play on home soil for the first time against Ohariu Valley.

The lead off pairing of Matt Sale (4/2) and Reece Hannam (7/6) set the tone, letting their opponents know that they weren’t playing at a 9 hole course by both bombing drives off the first tee. This was a pattern for the day as the visitors struggled to keep up as the team got their revenge from their first round defeat. Inter-club debutante Brian James (5/3) and Quentin Henderson (A/S) were the next to rack up the points with the “dream team” Sean Rudman (5/3)  and Mitch Ellicock (6/4) following close behind. Pete Forrester (3/2) struggled  to put his opponent away but with some good caddy advice down the stretch he closed his match out  alongside his playing partner Jock Cameron(3/2) who on interclub debut put the hammer down by making a classy birdie to end his match. The top pairing of Mark Childs (7/6) and John Ryan (4/3)  closed a great day out, with Childs showing his class by being under the card for the round.

The win leaves the team sitting in third, 7 points behind Te Marua. Another home game this Saturday against Shandon, a team they beat a fortnight ago, provides a further chance to move up the table.

A special mention to team manager Brian Grant who in Rachel’s absence prepared lunch for 40 interclub players. His efforts were appreciated by all and it added to a great atmosphere in the 19th afterwards.


Kapiti – Lovely 9Hole course with extremely tricky greens that sadly got the better of some of us. Team was Trish, Sally, Jinny and Susie. We played Shandon, having to give lots of shots making it more challenging. Congrats to Jinny for our only win giving the team a 1/3 loss.

Team standings after the day
Karori.                11
PBGC 1.             10.5
PBGC 2.             10
Masterton         9.5
Otaki/Royal.      9.5
Kapiti White.     7.5
Waikanae           7.0
Miramar.             6.5
Shandon.           6.5
Martinborough 5.5
Kapiti Blue.        5.5
Manor Park.      4.0


Gibson Sheat Div 1 vs Royal Wellington @ Miramar

The early wake up call and long van ride to Miramar did the Premier team no favours as they were putted off the course in the morning foursomes going into the lunch break 5-0 down in a pivotal match against Royal Wellington.

Despite the early deficit the team remained upbeat. Brent Mackenzie continued his undefeated singles season winning 3/2 and he and his playing partner Jamie Frew helped set the afternoon tone, with Jamie winning 3/1. The next 5 matches all went down the last with Troy Shaw gaining a half and Jeff Tuoro and Joel Macklin both showcasing their clutch short game to secure 1 up wins. Owen Lloyd chimed in with a dominant 5/4 win playing at number 2 to gain the upper hand in the afternoon winning 5.5 matches.

The result leaves the team sitting in 5th place with another big game looming this Sunday against Boulcott.

Div 2 vs Mahunga @ Home

The first of the days local derbies went to the visiting Mahunga team 11-4.

A clear highlight of the day was Jason Paku winning his match 9/8. Jason got off to a strong start and never gave his opponent a chance. Conrad Shanley and Andy Pottinger continue to prove to be a strong duo both winning their singles 2up and 1up respectively and also gaining a point in the four-ball.

The team have another home game this Saturday versus Boulcott

Div 7 vs Mahunga @ Home 

The division 7 team helped square the ledger beating Mahunga 10-5.

Captain Paul Fouhy ensured the team got off to a hot start winning 7/6 and alongside Carl Christensen picked up a four-ball point. Ray Verhaart (3/2) ,Nuki Gordan (2up) and Luke Lange (4/3) keep the points coming with Ray and Nuki also winning their fourball and Luke and Carl Backhouse coming from behind to halve their match. Phil Rutune gained a half in his singles leaving the top pairing of Dave Inglis and Adrian Morris to wrap up a great team win. Dave remained unbeaten for the season winning 2/1 and Adrian had a memorable Masterton Interclub debut winning 8/7, needless to say they won their four-ball!

Next up is a trip to Judgeford on Saturday

Div 10 @ Shandon

Playing an 18 hole course was clearly all Div 10 needed as they came away with an impressive 11-4 victory over Shandon. Once the team adjusted to the quick greens they got into their work. Big wins went to Quentin Henderson (6/4) and Mitch Ellicock (6/5) with both players yet to lose a game this season. Not far behind were Sean Rudman (4/2) ,Pete Forrester (3/2) , Mark Childs (3/2), Cliff Cleary (3/1), Gordan Reisima (2up) and John Ryan (2up)

Four-ball wins went to Childs and Reisima, Cleary and Ryan and Rudman and Ellicock.

By all accounts the season defining victory was celebrated in style and you couldn’t wipe the smile off team manager Brian Grants face.

The win leaves the team in a strong position, sitting in a third, with a run of home games to come staring this Saturday with a rematch vs their first round opponents Ohariu Valley

26 & 27 FEBRUARY

Saturday 26

The Gibson Sheat Premier team came away with a 8.5-6.5 win against Miramar after being 3-2 down after the morning’s foursomes

Jamie Frew and Brent Mackenzie held their nerve in a tight battle to win 1up and the number 1 foursomes pairing of Dean Gray and Rob Blackett fought hard down the stretch to win 2up securing a crucial second point heading into lunch.

The singles treated the team better picking up 6.5 points with wins to Toby Tuoro (3/2), Mackenzie(6/5), Gray(2/1), Joel Macklin(5/4), Troy Shaw (3/2), Kirk Collins(2up), and Sam Forrester having his match

A special mention to Rob Blackett who stepped up at short notice and played number 2 in the singles. Despite narrowly losing Rob played some great golf and was in the match the whole afternoon against Thomas Woods (Rob will tell you it was T Woods) who is a Wellington Rep.

As promised by the team captain last week Division 2 dramatically improved on their first-round game-winning 10-5 against Kapiti at home. Unfortunately, Rob wasn’t there to enjoy the comprehensive victory!

The singles wins, which there a few of, went to Conrad Shanley (7/6), Gavin Harris (6/5), Simon Dew (6/5), Jason Paku (6/5), Geoff Masters (6/5), Andy Pottinger (6/5), and Simon Buckley (6/5)

Four-ball victories went to Dew and Harris, Paku and Buckley, and Pottinger and Shanly.

Another tricky 9 hole course tripped the Division 10 team up losing 11.5-3.5 to Titahi Bay.

In the singles, Mitch Ellicock kept his unbeaten start to the season going with a 1up win and John Ryan played some clutch shots down the finishing stretch to also win 1up.

Matt Sale halved his match and picked up a win in the Fourball playing alongside Brian Grant.

Speaking of Brian, he also thought he had halved his Singles match only to be undone by a scorekeeping error!

Another good experience for the team around a new course. By all accounts, the after-match lunch and hospitality from the hosts was excellent too.

Sunday 27 February | Marquis Shield Report. Final Round 2021 Competition.
On Sunday at Mahunga we were finally able to finish last year’s Marquis Shield season when we played the 5th round of the 2021 competition.

Pahiatua were our opponents and were leading the competition and we gave them one hell of a scare going down 5.5 to 6.5. Handicap Singles winners were Tony Rowntree, Ray Verhaart, Mike Dixon, Jamie Brunton, and Steve Hemingway with Sam Forrester throwing in halved match even after giving his opponent about 10 strokes.

Those same players all won their Singles “off the stick’ matches, but a special mention goes to Luke Lange. Playing his first match of Marquis, and playing in the Senior’s No 2 slot, Luke came away with a halved match.

But spare a thought for Jason Paku. His opponent had 2 Twos in this round. Nothing out of the ordinary you might think. But remarkably, neither were on Par 3 holes. Both were on Par 4s. One from 160 odd metres and the other a pitch to the green. It’s tough to get a win in the Seniors.

In Four Ball matches we fared better with wins to Dixon with Verhaart and Brunton with Harry Quinn.

While Pahiatua won the prestigious Marquis Shield Trophy, we did not come away empty-handed. Our Intermediate Team shared the Intermediate trophy with Pahiatua and Eketahuna. Each club having 11 wins from their 20 matches.

We next play on the 27th of March at Eketahuna in Rd 1 of the 2022 competition and we are up against Mahunga.

Harry Quinn, Coordinator


Gibson Sheat PREMIER MEN’S Team – Hosting – Received a lot of compliments from the visiting players about how well the course played and was presented considering the amount of rainfall we received. Kudos to Wade and the team.

DIV2 – Loss 14.5/0.5 – It is always tough playing away from home to start the season but even harder when you have to face a relegated team with a point to prove. Unfortunately, this played out at Otaki with Pete Jackson being the only player to salvage half a point.

Despite the loss it was good to see George Deans, a former junior member and now returned member, make his interclub debut and Kevin Mackay help the team out at short notice. Rob Blackett (manager) is confident that more points can be gained this Saturday!

DIV7 – No report from the team captain this week …. The team however had a loss 9.5/5.5. My only input is that Dave Inglis won on his Masterton interclub debut 3/1.

DIV10 – A commendable 8.5/6.5 loss around a tricky Ohariu Valley course, considering no one in the team had played the course combined with the fact that eight of the players were playing their first-ever interclub game. Cliff Cleary, Mitch Ellicock, and Quentin Henderson all had comprehensive singles wins and Jesse Lange secured a half. The experience gained will hold them in good stead going in Saturday’s game at Titahi Bay – another 9 hole course!