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I agree, by signing below, to abide by the Rules of Masterton Golf Club Inc. as published and amended from time to time.

I acknowledge that I reside mainly in the Wairarapa and will not abuse the privilege of reciprocal rights with clubs around New Zealand as offered with this membership

I acknowledge that membership is a privilege and when on the course, or in any club facility, I will take reasonable care of my own health and safety, and reasonable care that others are not harmed by something I do or don’t do.

I accept financial responsibility for amounts charged to by me by the Club for my subscription and will ensure payment of invoices will be made in a timely manner. If not paying in full I agree to commit to MONTHLY / WEEKLY installments. I acknowledge that if, for any reason, my automatic payments case, I will be removed from DotGolf immediately until such time that I renew payments.

Should I wish to cancel my membership, I understand that the rules require me to resign in writing prior to the end of the Club’s financial year and reimburse any levies paid by the Club on my behalf to NZ Golf and Wellington Golf Inc.

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