Sellar Trophy

Masterton Golf Club Strokeplay Championship will be played on September 25  2021 with Senior, Intermediate, Junior, and Masters Divisions. This competition is only open to Masterton Golf Club members.

The Senior and Intermediate divisions to play 36 holes off the Blue tees, starting approximately 7:30am for the first round then about 12:15 for the 2nd round. Junior and Masters divisions to play 18 holes off the White tees and will start approximately 11:30am.

Saturday 25 Draw


The Division in which a player competes in is taken from their handicap or age established as at the date of the competition.


Handicap: up to 7.9


Handicap: 8.0 – 13.3


Handicap: 13.4 & up


70 years & over


25 September 2021


  1. Divisions are Senior, Intermediate, Junior, and Masters playing “off the stick”.
  2. The Senior and Intermediate competition is played over 36 holes on the same day; all other divisions are played over 18 holes.
  3. The Masters Division is open to all players aged 70 years and older on the day of the competition. They may not enter any other Division in this championship but entering the Masters Division in this competition does not restrict entry into another Division in other Club Competitions or Championships.


  1. Players should enter this competition through an entry sheet at Masterton Golf Club or Online.
  2. Entries will close on the Sunday prior to the Championship. This will enable a Draw for start times to be created and posted to the website by the Friday prior to play.
  3. Late entries will be received but those players will start at the back of the field.
  4. Entries on the day of the championship will be accepted into the group which reflects their Handicap Index.
  5. The 36-hole competitions will tee off in the morning and complete their first-round by midday. All other play will commence after midday.
  6. Play is from the Blue Tees except for the Junior and Masters Divisions which are played off the White Tees.
  7. In the event of scores being tied, the winner will be established by a countback of the tied scores; whereby the player with the lowest gross score over the last, 9, 6, 3 or 1 hole(s) is declared the winner.
  8. Entry to the Junior Division is open to all members with a handicap index higher than 13.4.
  9. Junior Division entries may be divided into two flights with 50% of entrants in each competition. Therefore, the cut-off from Junior A and Junior B will only be decided on the day when the tee start draw is made.