RICOH Shootout


This is a single stroke round competition played by 19 qualifiers.   

Qualification is by players entering the Shootout Preliminary Rounds on nominated Club Days during the year. The best 5 Net Rounds scored by each entrant are totaled at the end of the preliminary rounds and the best 19 players advance to the Shoot Out Round. 

All 19 players play the first hole with the player taking the most strokes – after adjusting scores for handicap – dropping out of the competition. This continues until 2 players remain in contention on the 18th hole. The lowest Net score on hole 18 wins the competition. 

In the event that more than one player ties the most strokes on a hole, those players will chip their ball from off the Green and onto the Green of that hole. The player who’s ball rests furthest from the pin after that chip out drops out of the competition.  


  1. The preliminary rounds are Stroke Play Rounds held in conjunction with a normal Club Day competition on either Thursday or Friday. Players may play on the Blue or White Course; it is their NET score which is recorded 
  2. The Final Shootout Round is played under Stroke Play rules. However, during the Final Shootout Round, to aid the swiftness of play and taking into account the number of players, trundlers and balls in play in the early stages, Match Play Rules may be applied by the Match Manager in specific circumstances especially in relation to Rule 2 (concession of loss of hole by any player) and Rules 18 & 19 (Ball at Rest Moved and Ball in Motion Deflected or Stopped.) 


Each player establishes their COURSE Handicap on the day of each preliminary round and on the day of the Final Shootout Round 


15 November 2020


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